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Our laboratory is engaged in the discovery and development of new molecule designs for the use in therapy. A major focus is the development of bicyclic peptide ligands of disease targets using a combinatorial approach based on phage display.


Selected Recent Publications


Cyclization of peptides with two chemical bridges affords large scaffold diversities

Kale, S.S., Villequey, C., Kong, X.D., Zorzi, A., Deyle, K. and Heinis, C.

Nature Chemistry, 2018


Acylated heptapeptide binds albumin with high affinity and application as tag furnishes long-acting peptides

Zorzi, A., Middendorp, S.J., Wilbs, J., Deyle, K. and Heinis, C.

Nature Communications, 2017


Peptide macrocycle inhibitor of coagulation factor XII with subnanomolar affinity and high target selectivity

Middendorp, S.J., Wilbs, J., Quarroz, C., Calzavarini, S., Angelillo-Scherrer, A. and Heinis, C.

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2017


A synthetic factor XIIa inhibitor blocks selectively intrinsic coagulation initiation

Baeriswyl, V., Calzavarini, S., Chen, S., Zorzi, A., Bologna, L., Angelillo-Scherrer, A., and Heinis, C.

ACS Chemical Biology, 2015


Dithiol amino acids can structurally shape and enhance the ligand-binding properties of polypeptides

Chen, S., Gopalakrishnan, R., Schaer, T., Heinis, C., Marger, F., Hovius, R., Bertrand, D., Pojer, F. and Heinis, C.

Nature Chemistry, 2014



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